Planar Triode Phono-Stages:  Two high quality phono-stages using the WE 416 planar triode for the input.  The Mk1 has 'conventional' series power supply regulation while the Mk11 uses separate (active) tube shunt regulation for each stage.


MM Phono-Stage: Parallel triode input with mu-follower output design incorporated in the EL34 integrated amplifier.  (The link will take you to amp project, scroll down page to phono stage.)



"Friday" MM Phono-Stage: A 'quick and dirty' moving magnet phono-stage to tide me over as I developed and built the MK11 416 design.



Hybrid Cascode Phono-Stage: This phono stage was designed as an update to the 'Friday' MM phono-stage.  It is very similar to the phono-stage I designed for the Calrad SA30 rebuild project.  It is specifically intended to present a low capacitance load for a high output cartridge.  60dB at 1kHz; it is turning out to be an ear-opener with my Benz LP2 also!