New 50-300B SE:  A 50 amp that would employs fixed bias with no possibility of grid-current induced failure. In taking full advantage of what I have learned about current regulators with the 6AS7G update, what resulted is an amp that can be simply switched for either 50s or 300Bs and that can drive the 50 into Class A2. 3.5W @2% and 7W @ 5% with lovely free, agile and articulate sound. My best to date.



845 SE:  Massive two-chassis 25wpc amp built as my first foray into SE.  I wound my first pair of output transformers for this project.  45 transformer coupled drive, "Super-mu-Follower" input stage.  A fairly detailed narrative on the output transformer development is included.


50-300B SE:  I needed a new 'summer amp' because though I may love the 845, it puts out in excess of 700W of heat.  My previous summer amp (EL34 PP Integrated) has been put out on permanent loan to a friend.  5842 gain/drive stage with plate choke.  As with the 845SE, I wound the output transformers.


2A3 Line Stage:  A four channel line stage.  The line output channels have a C-L high pass filter to remove sub energy while the sub channels are full range, relying on the sub-woofer low pass filter.  The transformer coupled inputs can accept balanced (XLR) and single ended (RCA) inputs.